Papers should be submitted in Bulgarian or English according to a template and should not exceed six pages in the template.  Abstracts should be presented in English only. Papers should comply with the conference requirements and file template. You can download the file here – download.


Abstracts should be written in English, the number of characters should be between 1500 and  1800 characters (abstracts should not be longer than a page), no gaps, font Times New Roman, all margins 2.5 cm. Titles should be in bold, each word should start with a capital letter, size 14, centered. Two blank lines should follow the abstract title. Authors’ names should follow in bold, size 14, centered, with a blank line below.

Authors’ contact details (email address, institution, city, state) follow in italic, size 12, centered, with two blank lines below. The text of the abstract itself should be in Times New Roman, size 12. The text is followed by a blank line. Then three to five key words follow in size 10, aligned to the left.


Citation of sources should comply with the Harvard referencing style. You can download requirements here – download.

Conference paper presentation

Time to present papers in sessions – not more than five minutes.

It is recommended that papers should be presented using the electronic poster template (size/format).

Poster instructions – download

Poster template – download