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My new challenge? Finish this for the Olympics, and knit this wonderfully beautiful sampler stole from the same book:
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I don’t think that most men are aware of the frequency of various forms of sexualized violence (assault, rape, harassment, professional exploitation, etc.) that women, or other men, undergo
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Ecstasy also distorts time, perception and changes their sense of touch.
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Zinc is a part of something called chromatin, the stable complex of DNA and proteins in the cell’s nucleus that supports DNA replication and repair
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I'd like to start a blog so I can share my own experience and views online
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Silicon Valley engineering manager John Higham wasn't sure how much it would cost to travel the world with his family in 2005
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it literally heals my unwanted usually hormonal blemishes which usually come at the worst possible time
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I set them down on the table and noticed that they were very crooked and one side of my frame was holding next to my head but the other side of the frame was loose
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Conference ... Vataja insomnia can also arise out of suppressed urges (especially those of the need for
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Rosenbaum told an Indianapolis Star reporter than in the decades of his Harvard affiliation, he had never heard of Glenmullen, an observation that has been echoed by Eli Lilly.
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