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Procure um pediatra e explique que voc gostaria de uma investigao e de tratamento para evitar as crises.
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The term “preventive medicine” no longer means what it used to: keeping people well by promoting healthy habits, like exercising, eating a balanced diet and not smoking
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Rockefeller collected ideas from all different professions on how to best combat the growing painkiller abuse issue from their perspective
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Funding is separate from sales, and there is no need to make a profit
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“We heat the honey that we sell in the little plastic bottles,” she explains, “because that seems to be what the customers want
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an Xbox fan, I won’t judge your decision on your preferred console, but just take your evaluation
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I deferred one acceptance to take some time out to think it through, and it was a great decision
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the following question: "If we had the technology to eliminate disabilities from the population, would
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