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I was on Tetracycline for 5 months before the switch was made to Biaxin & Plaquenil just a few days prior to our "vacation"

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The party had lost so much support since creation of the government in 2009 that it failed to win a seat for first time since 1949.

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Once the birth control pill debuted, however, it remained illegal in several states during the 1960s and was primarily used by married women, says May.

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over the weekend, we decided to take an alternate route home and stop in Burlington, VT and then at the

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delivers to overzealous health activists and lawmakers a new weapon to use against food and restaurant

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On one street alone our investigators were approached by 12 dealers offering to sell us cocaine, speed, ecstasy, GHB and marijuana.

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The NHS Grampian travel clinic also charges a fee for the provision of these travel vaccines.