NOVEMBER 29th, 2024

The International Scientific and Practical Conference “Construction Entrepreneurship and Real Property” is held every year since 1985 by the Department of Business, Investment, Real Estate.

The initiators for the annual conference are the founders of the Department of Business, Investment, Real Estate – Prof. Stanislav Hadzhiev, PhD and Prof. Georgi Dimitrov, DEconSc. The tradition has been diligently maintained by their followers for more than 35 years.

The topic of the Conference „Construction Entrepreneurship and Real Property” has not changed since 2006, but the topics of the papers are up-to-date and comprehensive. The main focus is on the issues of economics and management of construction, urban planning and real properties.

The conference in November 2024 will be held in a hybrid format: in person in the city of Varna, Bulgaria and remotely via the GoogleMeet platform. The official languages ​​of the conference are Bulgarian and English.

The organizers of the conference believe that the meeting is beneficial for all participants among which are scientists, researchers, business representatives and students. The paper presentations and the discussions on the issues, conclusions and recommendations of the papers, will result in theoretical and practically applicable conclusions which will be very useful and will greatly contribute to the development of the economic theory and business.

Participants in the International Scientific-Practical Conference “Construction Entrepreneurship and Real Property” 2024 will be able to publish their research in the electronic scientific journal “Construction Entrepreneurship and Real Property” with ISSN 2683-0280.

The journal is included in the National reference list of modern Bulgarian scientific publications with peer review (ID No 5134), maintained by the Minister of Education and Science through the National Center for Information and Documentation.

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